and the earth sighed at Artshouse

The audio video installation that started life as Augmented Terrain premiered at Artshouse in Melbourne during July 2016. I have been working as Producer on this project with artists Josephine Starrs and Leon Cmielewski over the last 2 years. The name and the earth sighed is the final title of the work and reflects that this piece aims to give a voice to the environment and landscape.

In an immersive audiovisual installation that re-imagines the relationship between nature and culture, Starrs and Cmielewski configure the land itself as active, not neutral, and able to speak about our human impacts upon it.

Using imagery captured by drones, detailed aerial views of Australian landscapes and waterways are dynamically manipulated in ways that reveal their underlying fragility; while Alex Davies’ surround-soundscape invites contemplation of the impact of climate change on natural ecologies.

and the earth sighed had its world premiere at Arthouse Melbourne from July 7-12 as part of the Performing Climates event.



Art Engineers launched

Art Engineers is a dynamic new creative company that launched in Sydney in February 2016. The founding members are Greg Clarke, Virginia Hyam, Julianne Pierce and Slade Smith.

Art Engineers is an Australian based collective of graphic designers, artists, performance producers and creative thinkers. We are a group of friends and peers who are all leaders in our own individual areas of expertise.

Our vision is to create unique and exceptional design, art and performance events, either individually or collective.

Artlink essay on contemporary dance

Artlink is a magazine that continues to go from strength to strength and has a new lease of life under current Editor Eve Sullivan. I was invited by Eve to make a contribution to the September 2015 issue on the ‘Performative’.

The piece is entitle PERSPECTIVES ON CONTEMPORARY DANCE with a focus on multidisciplinary approaches to working across contemporary dance and visual arts. The essay looks at the lineage of collaborations between visual artists and contemporary dancers/choreographers and recent projects of choreographers such as Garry Stewart and Antony Hamilton.