Julianne writes on arts and visual culture and is a regular contributor to Artlink and Artist Profile. She contributed a regular column to The Adelaide Review from 2016 until the magazine folded in 2020. She is also commissioned by artists and galleries to write catalogue essays and magazine profiles.

Adelaide Biennial 2022 Free/State

Preview of Adelaide Biennial 2022 at the Art Gallery of South Australia. Curated by Sebastian Goldspink. Published Artist Profile 58, March 2022.

Image: Dennis Golding, Untitled Botany Bay, 2018, photograph, 155 × 87 cm, photographed by Jack Cook.

Tracey and Kathy Ramsay

Insight into the work of Bow River Station painters; the sisters Kathy and Tracey Ramsay exhibition in the 2021 Tarnanthi exhibition. Published Artist Profile 57.

Image: Kathy Ramsay, Jack’s Yard, 2021, Warmun, Western Australia, earth pigments and synthetic polymer paint on canvas, 120 × 120 cm.

Adelaide/International review

Review of Adelaide/International curated by Gillian Brown at Samstag Museum. Published Artlink online 14/4/21.

Image: Taloi Havini, Tsomi wan-bel, installation view, 2021 Adelaide//International, Samstag Museum of Art, University of South Australia. Photo: Sia Duff.

The Story of the Moving Image: Digital and Interactive Art

Commissioned in 2020 by ACMI (Australian Centre for the Moving Image), this essay introduces a general audience to a brief history of Digital and Interactive Art. Read at ACMI website.

Connected online: New art for new times

Museums respond to pandemic closures with digital programming. Published Artlink online 14/8/20.

Image: Still from Together In Art performance: Maissa Alameddine sings in front of Solstice (1974) by Lesley Dumbrell at the Art Gallery of NSW. Photo: Matt McGuigan/Hospital Hill

Ways of Seeing

Guest editor special issue on art and technology with a focus on virtual reality. Artlink issue 38:4 December 2018.

Image: Jess Johnson and Simon Ward. Fleshold Crossing, exhibited as part of Terminus, 2017–18. Commissioned with the assistance of the Balnaves Foundation, 2017. Collection: National Gallery of Australia, Canberra. Image courtesy of the artist.

Meet Your Maker: Brooke Walker

The experience of growing up on a hobby farm in McLaren Vale has left an indelible impression on painter Brooke Walker. The Adelaide Review Issue 484 12/6/20.

Image: Brooke Walker, Lara Tilbrook, Jeanie’s Mother, Oil on Panel

Meet Your Maker: Nici Cumpston

Port Adelaide based photographer Nici Cumpston is as much at home in the Art Gallery of South Australia as she is spending days quietly walking along the Murray and Darling Rivers. The Adelaide Review Issue 482 21/4/20.

Image: Nici Cumpston at the Art Gallery of South Australia. Photo by Ben Searcy.

Meet Your Maker: Alice Blanch

In the age of digital photography it is heartening to see a young artist returning to the analogue roots of the photographic image. The Adelaide Review Issue 481 10/3/20.

Image: Alice Blanch, Land’s Edge #3, 700 x 700cm.

Meet Your Maker: Thom Buchanan

Thom Buchanan is a local artist fascinated by urban and city landscapes, which he renders in incredible, colourful detail. The Adelaide Review Issue 480 10/2/20.

Image: Thom Buchanan in the studio. Photo by Lina Limosani.

Meet Your Maker: Alice Potter

Following the birth of her second child, jeweller and artist Alice Potter did something quite unusual to come to come to terms with what she calls, “The pangs of responsibility”. The Adelaide Review Issue 478 26/11/19.

Image: Alice Potter portrait by Sven Kovac.

Meet Your Maker: Tom Phillips

Inspired by Sidney Nolan and Francis Bacon, Tom Phillips’ latest work examines feelings of isolation and loneliness. The Adelaide Review Issue 477 21/11/19.

Image: Tom Phillips, Bottle Shop Manager, 2019, Ink, Watercolour and Acrylic on paper, 100cm x 70cm.

Meet Your Maker: Sandra Saunders

Living and working in Wangary, 45km north-west of Port Lincoln, Ngarrindjeri artist and activist Sandra Saunders confronts the environmental and political issues of our time. The Adelaide Review 31/10/19.

Image: Sandra Saunders, They Came Like a Tsunami (2017), synthetic polymer paint and paper on board, courtesy the artist. Photo by Sam Roberts.

Meet Your Maker: Alycia Bennett and Negative Space

One of the things that artists most require is the space to experiment, think and collaborate. The Minor Works Building nestled between Sturt St and Wright St offers just that. The Adelaide Review 25/9/19.

Image: Crafternoon, Negative Space, Guildhouse Artworks Residency, Minor works building, Adelaide, July 2019.