Julianne Pierce is a founding member of influential cyberfeminist art group VNS Matrix and has created artworks under her own name and performances as alter ego Madame Ivana.

Vodka Shot Vaccine Disco

Finissage performance held on 7 November 2021 for the exhibition I’ve never seen the sky like this before. Curated by Bronia Iwanczak at south west contemporary gallery, Adelaide.

Julia President 2020

Poster created for the exhibition Notes Towards a Feminist Archive, curated by Bronia Iwanczak and Lynne Barwick, Affiliated Text at Cross Art, Books, Sydney. Affiliated Text invited fifty-five artists to respond to the broad theme of Future Feminist Archives. Further details on the exhibition website here.

Your City is Ugly

In 2001 Adelaide Festival Director Peter Sellars proclaimed “Your City is Ugly”. Taking up the challenge, Madame Ivana and collaborators took audiences on a bus ride through the streets of the city to find the dark heart of Adelaide. Sell out hit of the 2002 Adelaide Fringe. Read Pamela Zeplin’s review Festival city’s tour of shame in Realtime.

VNS Matrix

VNS MATRIX is an artist collective founded in Adelaide, Australia, in 1991, by Josephine Starrs, Julianne Pierce, Francesca da Rimini and Virginia Barratt. Their work includes gallery installations, public artworks, events, lectures, performances and posters distributed through physical and online spaces. Visit the VNS Matrix website.