Julianne Pierce has curated exhibitions, performance events and forums for Adelaide Festival of Arts, Museum of Contemporary Art Sydney, Performance Space Sydney, Adelaide Film Festival and Blast Theory UK.

DOUBLE HELIX: Art and the Moving Image

2009 Adelaide Film Festival

Visual artists and filmmakers are realising that they have more and more to say to each other. This symposium program, curated by Julianne Pierce, represents an effort to bring together the art world and the film world for a productive conversation. Artists, curators and critics from throughout Australia and around the world will discuss the fast-evolving ways that the art world and the moving image are coalescing, connecting, and colliding. The sessions will frame a series of debates around issues such as the ways that work being done in a gallery context might be of interest to more main stream audio-visual media, and the ways that moving image practices, technologies and distribution structures might affect the way visual artists develop their work.