I’m thrilled to be launching The Women’s Parliament!

On December 18, 1894 South Australian women were amongts the first in the world to be granted the right to vote and stand for Parliament. But despite its progressive history, South Australia is the only State or Territory to have never had a woman Premier and women are under-represented in Parliament.

The Women’s Parliament being held on Thursday October 5 as part of the Open State festival, will bring together South Australian women to debate and discuss issues, concerns and the political process. Unlike lengthy parliamentary sittings, The Women’s Parliament will be a rapid and lively 90 minute event.

In the lead up to The Women’s Parliament, all interested South Australian women are invited to participate and have their say by submitting an issue to by Thursday September 7.

A steering committee will select the most popular issues for discussion at The Women’s Parliament, which will comprise of a forum of women who submitted ideas and an open audience.

The event will produce recommended actions and outcomes in the lead up to the 2018 South Australian State election to help provide solutions to the State’s current challenges and set a new agenda.

Please tell your friends and I look forward to seeing you at the inaugural Women’s Parliament soon.


Street Art walking tours



During SALA (South Australian Living Artists) Festival in August 2017, I hosted street art walking tours throughout the Adelaide CBD. These were free walks on three different routes – East End, West End and South West Corner. The walks looked at many works of street art across the city from artists including ORDER 55, Beastman, Lisa King, Leah Grant, Thom Buchanan, Beyond Killa and Kaspar Schmidt-Mumm.

The tours also included several works commissioned by the Street Art Explosion project which I produced for the 2016 Adelaide Fringe.

Leah Grant discussing her street art work commissioned for the Street Art Explosion project.

and the earth sighed

and the earth sighed is a large-scale media artwork that re-presents the relationship between nature and culture. The intention is to configure the land itself as active, not neutral, and to imagine it being able to speak and make comment about human impacts upon it. Created by artists Josephine Starrs and Leon Cmielewski and produced by Julianne Pierce. Sound by Alex Davies.

and the earth sighed premiered at Artshouse Melbourne in July 2016.

Chair Emerging and Experimental Arts Australia Council

From July 2013 – October 2015 I was Chair of Arts Practice, Emerging and Experimental Arts at the Australia Council. Key elements of the role were developing a new strategy for the Australia Council and working with Director of Emerging and Experimental on strategies and policy. Following cuts made to the Australia Council by the Arts Minister George Brandis, the Chair roles at the Australia Council were phased out.

DOUBLE HELIX: Art and the Moving Image symposium

2009 Adelaide Film Festival

Visual artists and filmmakers are realising that they have more and more to say to each other. This symposium program, curated by Julianne Pierce, represents an effort to bring together the art world and the film world for a productive conversation. Artists, curators and critics from throughout Australia and around the world will discuss the fast-evolving ways that the art world and the moving image are coalescing, connecting, and colliding. The sessions will frame a series of debates around issues such as the ways that work being done in a gallery context might be of interest to more main stream audio-visual media, and the ways that moving image practices, technologies and distribution structures might affect the way visual artists develop their work.